Monday, October 11, 2010

The Quest

I read “The Quest”. Biff and Wilma are writing a story in Biff’s room. Biff is writing about Quest. The Wilma’s story is about Ulm, is a beautiful land. Ulm has a rich natural environment. There is a crystal bell in a big cave. When it rung, its note is like music. It tells every animal, every plant and every tree when it is spring or summer. Because the evil Grimlock wants the crystal bell, he is looking for it. Finally, he finds it. He is so happy and he carries it his castle. A small bear follows him. In the sunlight, he doesn’t notice the bear because the bell is so beautiful and he is fascinated with it. Without the bell, snow falls in the summer and flowers are killed by the frost. They are at a loss not only flowers also the people of Ulm. They are sad and unhappy. So, they need the bell certainly.

After Biff listened to Wilma’s story, Biff suggests to Wilma that someone will go quest and try to get the bell. Wilma agrees her suggestion. After that Dad comes in Biff’s room. Biff and Chip has to go the dentist for a check-up. Wilma begins to write her story in Biff’s room. She is going to write the story about a girl brings back the bell. Suddenly, the magic key is glowing!! Wilma is taken into a magic adventure alone!!

She reaches the Land of Ulm. The ground is covered with snow. Grimlock is waiting for her and he is hiding behind a tree and he turns himself into an old woman. When she is walking, he speaks to her. Grimlock asks her about the reason Wilma went to the forest. She says that she will rescue the bell from Grimlock. Grimlock “Then go that way,“ he says. While she is walking on the wet and muddy ground, he is showing her. Suddenly, she sinks into a muddy swamp. She shouts for help. Then a white unicorn goes up to her. It pulls up her with a branch. She rides on the unicorn and the unicorn gallops through the forest. At that very moment Grimlock shoots an arrow at her. After the unicorn stopped, Wilma is given a ring tied to a ribbon from the unicorn that will only give her one wish. It gallops away. She must go on alone. When Wilma walks on the rocky desert, she hears a scream. It is gnome. The gnome is bound the trunk with a long rope. She helps the gnome, the gnome says that he was tied up here by Grimlock. Grimlock was going to feed the gnome his dragon. Suddenly, the dragon is coming, the gnome begins to tremble. The gnome takes out a lemon from his bag because he has known that dragons hate lemons. Wilma begins to peel the lemon. The dragon roars and flies away. The gnome hands her a mirror. She can get rid of basilisk that is worse than the dragon with a mirror. Then the basilisk charges at them. She holds up the mirror and covers her eyes with her arm. The monster’s eyes become terrible, so it dies and turns to a stone. The gnome is breaking it with a hammer. The gnome says that it is going to help you her quest because impressed with her courage. The gnome takes her the Grimlock’s castle. They enter in his castle from a window. They find a room where the bell is hanging. Then Grimlock comes back. The Grimlock says that I am going to feel you to the dragon. She decides to use a wish. Her wish starts to work. , so the bell begins to ring louder and louder. The Grimlock tries to break the bell with a hammer, it don’t break. The Grimlock asks her to stop ringing of the bell. She says that she can stop it, if the Grimlock lets her takes it back to Ulm. The Grimlock agrees with her. So, she and the gnome take it back to Ulm. When it returns, birds sing, flowers. And new leaves grow on the branches of the trees. Ulm has beautiful natures.

The magic key is glowing. She gives the gnome the ring. The gnome cries at a parting. Biff comes back. Wilma gives her book to Biff. (725 words)

Points: 1.0-1.2
Points: 12.4

The Quest, 0-19-845279-9, Oxford Reading Tree

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